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Lethbridge Primary School
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Challenge: your feedback
Please use the form below to tell us which challenges you have completed, and how well you feel you did.

Lewis D - Year 5
Challenge: the menu for a KING!!!
Comment: it took me 4 hours but I did it it's called the kings calvary it was really fun along the way I learned how to change printer ink!

Skye T - Year 1
Challenge: Poem
Comment: I wrote a poem and the first letter of each line spelt my name.

Skye - Year 1
Challenge: Showtime
Comment: I made a music video with my sisters. The song we did was Power by Little Mix. We did lots of dancing and dressed up in different outfits. It was fun.

Stella - Year 2
Challenge: star jump
Comment: 89 star jumps

Selena - Year 2
Challenge: Star Jump
Comment: I warmed up first and then completed 97 star jumps.

Rocco and Enzo - Year 4
Challenge: bird feeder
Comment: It was very sticky, the birds have eaten some seeds

Aarush - Year 2
Challenge: Aarush did code challenge.
Comment: Aarush really enjoyed to do code challenge next he will do catapult callegen.

Mia and Tom - Year 1
Challenge: Planting seeds
Comment: We planted sunflower seeds and basil seeds. The Basil is already growing, watching closely now for the sunflowers!

Amelia B - Year 3
Challenge: Plant a seed
Comment: I planted basil and parsley and we are now waiting to see if they grow!

prathana - Year 1
Challenge: cleaning the house
Comment: I helped my mom and I enjoyed so much

Sander and Rita - Year 3
Challenge: Mrs Rowlatt's catapult
Comment: We enjoyed building the catapult. It worked really well but the dog kept stealing the paper balls!

Georgina B - Year 6
Challenge: Miss Chew's reading challenge & Mrs Eyles-White make a fish tank
Comment: We didn't have a clear plastic container, so instead Georgina made a diorama of a a coral reef with turtles and fish.

Amelie - Year 6
Challenge: I did 146 star jumps in 1 minute
I also completed the reading challenge where you had to read a book outside for 10 minutes
Comment: I think that the challenges went well

Mrs Brown - Year 4
Challenge: Miss Short's seed planting challenge and Miss Chew's reading challenge, both were lovely to do in the sunshine.
Comment: I enjoyed planting the seeds and am looking forward to seeing them grow and flourish.

pragathi - year 1
Challenge: cooking helped mom cutting veggies
Comment: i enjoyed lot with veggies

Seren T - Year 3
Challenge: Star jump challenge
Comment: I did 71 star jumps in one minute

Lila & Scott - Year 6
Challenge: planting seeds
Comment: We planted some sweet peas, peppers, cosmos & cleome, they're growing really well!

Seren T - Year 3
Challenge: reading outside for 10 minutes.
Comment: I read diary of a wimpy kid wrecking ball outside for 10 minutes.

Evie L - Year 6
Challenge: star jumps
Comment: I did 87 star jumps in one minute. It was really fun.

max b - Year 5
Challenge: Max wanted to beat his score so he tried the star jump challenge again and got 112
Comment: Puffed!

max b - Year 5
Challenge: 91 star jumps in a minute
Comment: he was glad he beat his sister!

Bethany B - Year 2
Challenge: 86 Star jumps in a minute
Comment: She was shocked with her result

Seren T - Year 3
Challenge: Planting
Comment: I planted poppies, polka dot cornflowers and geraniums

Elodie M - Year 5
Challenge: planting seeds
Comment: I transplanted some gladioli at our allotment . I really enjoyed it!

Jess - Year 5
Challenge: Seed planting
Comment: Jess helped to plant some tomato seeds, green beans, onions, pumpkins & radishes, as well as sunflowers and sweet peas. Can't wait to plant these in the allotment when they're big enough.

Jack - Year 6
Challenge: Jack completed 76 star jumps in 1 minute
Comment: Jack felt the challenge went well

Gracie - Year 2
Challenge: Seed planting.
Comment: We planted tomatoes, potatoes, spring onions, peppers, salad and squash. We are looking at them and watering them and they are starting to grow!

Skye T - Year 1
Challenge: Planting
Comment: My sister, Mum and I planted trays of seeds. We now have to wait for them to grow. We covered them to stop the birds getting them.

Violet W - Year 4
Challenge: Cooking. I helped bake a cake
Planting Seeds. I planted my sunflower in the garden from the seed we planted in class
Starjumps. I managed 71
Comment: I have enjoyed these and had fun

Arlo B - Year 2
Challenge: Star Jumps
Comment: I did 66 star jumps and my Dad did 68. We're going to try and beat it tomorrow.

Stanton - Year 5
Challenge: Star jumps and planting seeds
Comment: I did 97 star jumps in a minute. I planted 11 sunflower seeds and am watering them each day.

Nancy C - Year 1
Challenge: Mrs Kyle's cooking challenge and Ms Short's planting seeds
Comment: My chocolate mousse was very tasty and like my brother I have filmed it as a cooking show! I have also planted some bulbs - they are on my windowsill getting sun as we have been learning about photosynthesis and what plants need to grow

Eli - Year 3
Challenge: I have taken on Mrs Kyle's cooking challenge and made a veggie quiche Lorraine.
Comment: I filmed myself doing this and edited into a masterchef style cooking show! I think it went well as it tasted delicious (although my mum broke the pastry so it could do with some improvement on what it looks like!)

Niamh - Year 4
Challenge: Planting seeds, cooking and reading in the garden
Comment: I have enjoyed completing the challenges, thank you!

Mrs Mayes and Joe - Year 4
Challenge: Seed planting
Comment: We loved planting sunflower seeds together. Looking forward to watching them grow.

Mrs Rowlatt and son - Year 2
Challenge: Boggle
Comment: Wow! 63 can certainly be done using adjoining letters! Our longest word has 7 letters.

Sander and Rita - Year 3
Challenge: Treasure Hunt
Comment: It was fun setting the clues. We wrote them in Dutch and mummy and daddy had a race who found each treasure first.

Scott - Year 4
Challenge: BOGGLE!
Comment: I feel good I got 63 words

Liana - Year 2
Challenge: Boggle
Comment: This was really fun! Liana found 29 words!

Grace C - Year 1
Challenge: Planting some seeds
Comment: Grace really enjoyed planting her seeds in her unicorn garden, she's looking forward to seeing how well they grow

Libby O - Year 4
Challenge: Libby has done the boggle challenge
Comment: Libby really enjoyed this one and come up with 26 words

Max - Year 3
Challenge: Did ironing for my cub badge !
Comment: I enjoyed that challenge ! I'm going to try the treasure hunt!

Do send your challenge comments using the form below.
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