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Lethbridge Primary School
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Who is my school nurse?

Absence in Term Time Form
Holidays in term time cannot be authorised. The Headteacher may authorise time off for exceptional circumstances.
Absence in Term Time Form (Adobe PDF file)
Absence in Term Time Form (MS Word)

Parents' Contact Information form
It is extrememly important that we have up to date contact numbers for you should the need arise to contact you about your child. If you have changed your contact details during the academic year, please download the form below (available as a MS Word and Adobe PDF file) and return it to the school office.
Parents' Contact Information form (Adobe PDF file)
Parents' Contact Information form (MS Word)

Parentmail registration/ update form
Please download the form below (available as a MS Word and Adobe PDF file) to update or register your contact details to receive regular communication from the school. This service includes text messaging and email correspondence and ensures that you receive all the relevant correspondence and message alerts
Parentmail registration/ update form (Adobe PDF file)
Parentmail registration/ update form (MS Word)

ParentPay Never find letter at the bottom of a book bag two weeks later again...
We use a school to home email and text service as a way to communicate to our parents. This cuts down on the amount of paper that the school uses and reduces the environmental impact. If you have not already registered for this service and have a child at the school please contact the school office
Click to go to the ParentMail web site

Use our school online payment system to make dinner money payments or school trip payments quickly and easily. You can also view your child’s balance online and never have to search for change again. Please contact the school office for further details if you have not registered yet.
Click to go to the ParentPay web site

Lethbridge Primary School
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Email: admin@lethbridge.bluekitetrust.org
The Blue Kite Academy Trust, a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales, Company Number 09889819.
The Blue Kite Academy Trust

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