Lethbridge Primary School
Lethbridge Primary School
Lethbridge Primary School
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At Lethbridge we believe that learning another language provides children with an insight into other cultures and an awareness of the world beyond their immediate vicinity. We encourage children to express their own ideas and thoughts in French, and to respond through speech and writing. French is a widely spoken language, and by studying French, our intent is to give children an opportunity to not only learn about other cultures but also new ways of thinking and communicating with others. Language study creates more positive attitudes and less prejudice, and our intent is to foster an appreciation of cultural diversity.

Lethbridge Primary SchoolLethbridge Primary School

At Lethbridge we teach the contents outlined in the National Curriculum. Our French scheme covers a range of topics and focuses on creating enjoyable lessons, with practical activities and lots of active participation. Here at Lethbridge we endeavour to foster our love of reading in our French lessons, and children will have exposure to a wide range of story books throughout their time here. Children will have opportunities to listen to, and join in with a range of books around different topics, such as colours or travel.

We ensure progression of grammar skills and objectives across the school, and children are given opportunities to explore language patterns and structures and develop their vocabulary. Lessons are delivered in a nurturing environment, where children feel safe to 'have a go' and participate at their own speed. Pupils are challenged to develop accurate pronunciation and intonation through presenting orally to a range of audiences. At Lethbridge we value the importance of learning through rhyme and repetition as a way of exploring patterns. Throughout their time with us they will listen to, and learn, a wide range of French songs and rhymes.

The impact of our French programme will be to not only create a sense of belonging to the wider world, but to also equip children with vital skills and prepare them for future opportunities in modern life.

Lethbridge Primary SchoolLethbridge Primary School

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